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Tops into dress

30 Jan

When you look at someone or  something , you know how to estimate its level of potential. Looking at a white sheet of paper , you can estimate how much you can write on it , when you take a rubber band , you can estimate just how much it will stretch before it will burst. I found that this hobby of sewing demands a certain level of estimating.

In this case , I found a nice blouse. It is an Esprit. The fabric is perfect , It doesn’t appear to have been worn , except it features a big , ugly brown stain ……


Cand te uiti la cineva sau ceva , deobicei sti cum sa estimezi potentialul sau.Privesti spre o bucata de foaie goala si cam sti cat scris ar intra pe ea , iei in mana o banda elastica si iti dai seama cat de tare poti sa o intinzi pana la punctul de rupere. Am aflat ca si in ale cusutului e nevoie de o anumita cantitate de “sa iti dai seama cam cat”.

In acest anumit caz , am gasit o bluza draguta. E firma Esprit. Materialul este superb , nu are nici un semn de uzura , in afara unei pete mari, maro si urate …….

SAM_2430 - Copy SAM_2431 - Copy

……right about there.


……..aflate cam acolo.


This other polo was worn and abused in its lifetime, and except for a rug , until this refashion , I was in doubt whether I could use it for something. It works with the turquoise blouse because of the complementary color palette.


Acest tricou polo a fost purtat si abuzat pe durata vietii sale. Zacea in spatele dulapului, fara un rost , fiindca in afara de covor, chiar nu aveam nici o idee ce sa fac cu el. Apoi am gasit ca este o culoare complementara bluzei Esprit si adaugate pot forma ceva dragut.


From what I cut , the scraps came back from their ashes and transformed into this large pocket , making the dress more interesting.


Din ceea ce am taiat din bluza , resturile s-au ridicat din cenusa si s-au dovedit ideale pentru un buzunar mare si larg, mi se pare ca face totul mai interesant.


What do you think?


Ce credeti? 🙂


Gold leaf men’s polo refashion – tricou polo barbati in bluza

29 May

SAM_0898  Gold leaf farm, has anyone heard about it?  Google says it’s a foundation in North Carolina, that’s about it. Well, the tag behind the neck says it’s from The Limited, so I guess they manufactured some polo shirts for this Gold leaf foundation.

This men’s polo shirt is in great condition, I don’t think it’s been worn very much, reason? : the sleeves are a bit small and rigid, so if you’re a muscular dude, your arms would numb from he lack of blood-flow bellow the cuffs.

The material is so comfy and light , perfect for this weird weather .


Gold leaf farm – a auzit cineva de aceasta? Google ne informa ca se afla o fundatie un Carolina de nord cu acest nume, dar cam atat. Pe eticheta din interior scrie The limited,presupun ca au fabricat niste tricouri polo pentru aceasta fundatie.

Acest tricou de barbati l-am gasit in stare exceptionala , nu cred ca a fost purtat prea mult, motivul ? : manecile sunt stramte si rigide iar daca esti un tip musculos , care se incardeaza in marimea M, s-ar putea sa iti amorteasca bratele de la obstructionarea circulatiei sangelui…hmm..

In fine, materialul este foarte confortabil si usor, perfect pentru vremea ciudata din aceasta perioada.

SAM_0899 SAM_0897 SAM_0900 SAM_0901


First , measurments were made and then the collar and a small part of the shoulders were cut  off.  SAM_0904 SAM_0905

I wanted to leave the two buttons ,- this is what I originally did – but then someone suggested it looked  better without one button. He was right, so I cut the other button off and re-hemmed the neckline a bit higher this time.


Mi-au placut cei doi nasturi si am vrut sa ii pastrez – asta am si facut initial – dar cineva a sugerat ca ar arata mai bine doar cu un nasture. A avut dreptate, asa ca l-am taiat pe celalalt si am revacut tivul.

SAM_0906  SAM_0908 SAM_0909

I made a snake tongue from the cuffs and stitched a small hem.This is how it looks .


Din mansete am facut limba de sarpe (le-am despicat) si le-am cusut un tiv minuscul. Asa arata:


The result.

A dear person of mine saw me interested in this new hobby(if the pc is on, ‘Refashions’ in all tabs). He  had  stumbled in a flea mart on something he thought was a helpful for me. I received a gift, but first, let me introduce you to my iron  , it’s a severin shorty . The gift is the ironing board, which is also tiny, but just enough for my iron.

*I was informed that the ironing board is actually a full sized sleeve-ironing board . (to my defense, I’ve never seen one until I got one    🙂  )


O persoana draga mie m-a vazut foarte interesata de acest nou hobby (daca e deschis calculatorul, ‘refashions’ scrie pe toate tab-urile). Daduse peste un obiect care i s-a parut ca m-ar ajuta. Am primit cadou, dar intai vreau sa va arat fierul de calcat, este  firma Severin shorty . Cadoul este masa de calcat, care deasemenea este minuscula , dar potrivita pentru shorty.

* Am fost informata ca masa de calcat este defapt o masa de dimensiuni normale, destinata calcatului manecilor . (in apararea mea, nu am vazut una pana cand am primit-o pe aceasta   🙂  )

SAM_0913 SAM_0914as SAM_0916

H&m haltertop – transformare maieu h& m

28 May


A H&M top was thrifted some time ago in a faraway land. Its story is somewhat sad, as it was found without the material that you tie around the neck ,probably that  was the reason for why it was discarded.

Now, looking back at this post , I thought to myself <<this top could look better with a mustard tone of yellow>> and this is how thing just fell into place. Then ,everything went as normal , cutting was done , pins were inserted and sewing was conducted,

I believe I need not say more,

for the images have words of their own.

(my attempt of poetry)


Un maieu h&m a fost gasit intr-un magazin de second cu mult timp in urma, intr-un tinut indepartat. Povestea sa e oarecum trista, deoarece nu avea materialul cu care te legi in spatele gatului, facand maieul nefunctional. – probabil e aceea a fost dat.

Uitandu-ma in urma la aceasta postare , m-am gandit <<bluza ar arata mai bine cu o nuanta de galben mustar >> astfel,  toate lucrurile au venit de la sine. Taieturi au fost efectuate si cusaturi au urmat.

SAM_0888SAM_0887   SAM_0889  SAM_0890 SAM_0891 SAM_0893 SAM_0892

This is the result . I think it looks better than previous . What’s your say?


Acesta este rezultatul. Cred ca arata mai bine ca inainte. Ce ziceti?


Weird turtleneck refashion – Maleta cu guler ciudat

18 May

In my entire life I don’t believe I have ever been more annoyed by any other turtlenecks other than this one. I have a few other pieces in my wardrobe that feature turtlenecks  and I wear them proudly, no problem , but there is this one piece that just won’t do what you want it to do, you know? To prove that I do not have too many cats in my house (is this a reference yet?) , here are the pics bellow :


In toata viata mea nu cred ca am fost mai stresata de vreo bluza cu gat ca aceasta. Mai am cateva in garderoba mea tot cu gat asa inalt, dar acest anumit specimen pur si simplu  isi face de cap, intelegeti? Ca sa va demonstrez ca nu am  prea multe pisici in casa  , am pus pozele jos :

SAM_0779SAM_0780 SAM_0774 SAM_0775 SAM_0776

Well, the blouse was a few sizes too big for me anyway, so I had to alter not only the neck , but also the sleeves and  the width .


Bluza era oricum prea larga, asa ca pe langa guler a mai trebuit sa modific si manecile si latimea bluzei.

  SAM_0783 SAM_0787 SAM_0788

The turtleneck was cut off (no more annoyance) and it was re-hemmed.  I don’t know if you can notice from the pic, but I think it’s the narrowest hem I have ever made in my life. – a toast to progressive me.


Gatul a fost taiat jos (stres no more) si i-am facut un tiv nou. Nu stiu daca puteti observa clar din poze, dar ascet tiv este cel mai ingust pe care l-am facut in viata mea.  – sa ridicam paharul pentru progresiva de mine . 😉


Then the sleeves were cut because they were too loose and since those lovely buttons were just standing there, I thought I could make some short sleeves to make them pop.


Manecile au fost taiate pentru ca erau prea largi si am facut maneci scurte din cele lungi in asa fel incat sa expun acei nasturi draguti.

SAM_0795 SAM_0796 SAM_0797 SAM_0798

The result.


Men’s top into my top – Maieu barbati in maieu feminin

17 May

bf afff SAM_0738

This cute top was found in a pile of clothes at a thrift shop in Germany. I loved the fabric so much I bought the top even though it was for men and even though it was an XXL. But no worries, I thought, once I get my hands on a sewing machine,I could turn things around , literally .


Acest maieu dragut l-am gasit intr-o gramada de haine intr-un magazin de second in Germania. Mi-a placut atat de mult materialul , desi este pentru barbati si desi este XXL. Dar nici o grija, m-am gandit, odata ce pun mana pe o masina de cusut, intorc literalmente lurcurile invers.

SAM_0742 SAM_0744 SAM_0745       SAM_0747      SAM_0750

This weird before pic has the intention of demonstrating the big loop under  the pit .\ Ciudata poza de dinainte are intentia de a demonstra gaura mare de sub axila.

SAM_0751 SAM_0752

Redesigned and and re-hemmed . \ Alt design, alt tiv.

Truth is, I found a fun tank on anthropologie that had tiny arrows painted on grey frabric (I cannot find it anymore, I failed to pin it on pinterest , apologies) but the image is somewhat clear in my head. Anyway, I was trying to simplify the idea and the arrow print is what I came up with.


Adevarul este ca am gasit un maieu interesant pe anthropologie care avea mici sageti pictate pe material gri (Nu il mai gasesc pe site, am uitat sa il pun pe pinterest, asta e.) dar imaginea sa este oarecum clara in minte. In fine, am incercat sa simplific ideea cu sageata iar rezultatul este urmatorul :

SAM_0754 SAM_0755SAM_0756

SAM_0757 SAM_0759 SAM_0760  SAM_0764



Close enough

H&M refashion – modificare maieu H&M

23 Apr

I was not sure whether to do this top or not, but I was inspired by some Pinterest refashionistas and their “how-to-add-ruffles” posts. The same day I made this, I had hemmed a white shirt and the scrap of material was just enough to ruffle the top out! Now I regret I didn’t take photos before removing the turtleneck, but wisdom returned immediately to me right after the cut .


Nu am fost siugura daca sa fac acest maieu sau nu, dar niste “refashioniste” de pe Pinterest m-au inspirat cu post-urile in care iti arata cum sa adaugi aceste incretituri. In aceeasi zi facusem tivul la o camasa iar materialul ramas de la ea s-a dovedit a fi destul pentru incretitura. Acum regret ca nu am facut poze inainte sa tai gulerul, dar mi-a revenit intelepciunea imedia dupa ce am facut taietura.


The brand is H&M and the fabric is elastic yet very smooth. I bought it in great condition.


Firma este H&M iar materialul este elastic si foarte moale. L-am cumpara intr-o stare exceptionala.

    SAM_0562 SAM_0563

During. / In timpul modificarii.

SAM_0567 SAM_0570SAM_0580


Final result. / Rezultatul final

Hammerle paradiso

15 Apr

SAM_0528 SAM_0527 SAM_0530 SAM_0533This t-shirt I thrifted a long time ago for as much as 2 $ (about 1.25 Euros ? ) was just standing in a forgotten pile of clothes I was planning to refashion one day. The brand is german, Hämmerle and the material is very pleasing, a blend of cotton and elastane.
As you can see, I was somewhat swimming in it, but I loved the color (which is called paradiso) and the buttons enough to try and sew it to “better-ness” .


Aceasta bluza am gasit-o de cateva luni la un magazin local de secondhand, a costat 5 lei – aproximativ 1.25 euro- si de atunci statea intr-un colt intunecat, alaturi de alte haine care sunt in plan de a fi “refashion-uite” . Marca este Hämmerle iar materialul este o combinatie intre bumbac si elastan.

Evident, imi este “putin” mare, dar am insistat sa o refac pentru ca imi place la nebunie culoarea (care ,se pare, e numita paradiso) si nasturii de pe maneci si guler.


After a good half hour, this is what it turned into.


Dupa o jumatate de ora buna, acesta este rezultatul.


Casual stripe

9 Apr

Casual stripe

What I basically did to this blouse was cut in in the middle and sew a stripe from another blouse. I initially planned to to sew a yellow hemline but I like it more in this “raw state”

What are your thoughts?


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